Aerial Power Line Scanning

FLIR Asia is the pioneer and sole commercial service provider of aerial power line scanning using helicopters in the Asian region. This method is more efficient, effective and fast; and replaces conventional inspection of power lines being done by technicians on foot “walking along the lines” with handheld infrared scanners.

Aerial power line scanning is the way forward for power utiilities to gather comprehensive information on the conditions of their overhead lines quickly and in a cost effective manner, as up to 300 towers can be scanned per day and serious defects can be reported to the client within 48 hours of detection.

Since FLIR Asia started aerial power line scanning in 2013, we have covered a network distance of more than 3,000km. The Corona 350 system we use has 4-axis Active Stabilization that gives it outstanding stability, accurate imaging and is independent of aircraft movements. It carries 4 cameras that not only does infrared scanning, but also corona ultraviolet scanning, records Full HD video and takes high resolution digital still photos.



FLIR Asia utilises the most advanced technology in Aerial Power Line CBM Scanning Inspection using state of the art FLIR Systems Corona 350 Systems via helicopters.

The Corona 350 System consists of:-

  1. Radiometric Infrared Camera
  2. Corona UV Camera
  3. HDTV Video Camera
  4. Digital Still Camera

Radiometric Infrared Camera


The Radiometric Infrared Camera identifies hotspots and thermal differences as small as 30mK. The Thermographic inspection is useful to detect potential defects due to the poor contact / connections and current related problem such as corroded joints. The Radiometric Infrared data enables the IR images to be analysed with exact temperature values for severity analysis.

Corona UV Camera


The Corona UV camera detects electrical partial discharge activities on the component. The Corona UV camera makes electrical discharges visible through flashes in the visible video. The Corona UV scanning is useful to detect electrical discharges due to insulation failures such as chipped or broken insulators, inadequate equipment design, defective components or pollution.

HD Video Camera


The HD video camera records the Aerial Scanning Inspection process in a crystal clear High Definition mode. It provides an overview of the power line corridor i.e. Right of Way (ROW). This is useful for monitoring vegetation situation at the ROW. Our HD video is overlaid with GPS coordinates for easy referencing.

High Resolution Megapixel Still Camera

The high resolution megapixel still camera captures 14.7 megapixel digital images. All images are tagged with GPS coordinates. It enables visual analysis of the object to detect defects such as missing insulator discs, broken earthing connection, missing vibration dampers, missing tower lightning arresters, broken / damaged cross arms, soil erosions, ROW intrusions etc.



  • Significantly faster results. Scanning inspection time is greatly reduced i.e. 200 – 300 towers per day vs. 5 – 10 towers per day (conventional “Walking Along the Line” method).
  • Potential problems can be detected earlier and faster before they fail, leading to less downtime and reduced maintenance costs.
  • GPS coordinates referencing on all assets i.e. Towers and Outdoor Substations.
  • Difficult inaccessible rough terrains are not a problem.
  • “Radiometric Infrared thermography Scanning inspection services” to detect abnormal hotspots due to the contact / connection based problems.
  • “Corona Scanning inspection services” to detect partial discharge activities due to the insulation based problems.
  • “Visual inspection services” to detect defects such as missing insulator discs, broken earthing cable, soil erosions etc.
  • “HD Video Surveillance” recording to check the condition of the overhead power line corridor i.e. ROW (Right of Way).
  • In-situ detail investigation and analysis upon detection of Infrared / Corona / Visual problems via helicopter’s hovering.
  • 100% system documentation i.e. Thermography, Corona & Visual. Softcopy & Video Recordings.