Vibration Analysis
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An established engineering service company
FlirAsia has set up a specialized division with advanced equipment and well-trained personnel to provide consultancy and monitoring services in implementing machine condition monitoring systems; Vibration Analysis.

Apart from this, we also provide other vibration related services such as trouble-shooting machines and structural problems, on-site balancing of machine rotors and total plant maintenance services.

The use of Vibration has made great strides in optimising the health of industrial machinery.

Vibration Analysis (VA) detects and measures vibration levels within your machinery that can be potentially harmful towards your machine components. These problems, often caused by and many more, can be detected long before the damage is physically visible.

improper installation
insufficient lubrication
machining errors
loose bolting

and many more, can be detected long before the damage is physically visible.

Increased productivity and reduced maintenance cost with the prolonged operating life of machines.
Minimize unexpected breakdowns and increase machine reliability.
Elimination of expensive secondary damage e.g. simple bearings. Failure may lead to wrecked gearbox.
Reduction in spare-part stock - the technique gives forewarning of par requirements.
Reduction in business interruption and damage insurance premium.
Reduced repair duration - necessary action in planned in advance.

Plant Survey

Data Collection & Processing


Report Generation

The initial preparation of condition monitoring program is to survey the plant to identify machines, points, crew and parameters. The schematic plant layout is drawn and machine history record is organized.

Condition monitoring can be merged with the planned maintenance schedule without interfering with it. Time based maintenance is not to be immediately discarded but the combination of both maintenance programs certainly upgrades the maintenance quality and reliability.

Vibration analysis can be performed on all equipment that is subject to vibration problems in all the industrial application.

Piping that transport fluid equipment that cycles between different temperature and pressures, and rotating equipment are among the most susceptible components to experience vibration.

This analysis should be performed shortly after start-ups and repairs to ensure equipment is operating within integrity operating windows.



Mechanical Looseness

Bearing Defects

Gear Defects

Electrically Included From Motors

Blade / Vane Pass Interference